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Working from Home Guide

If you’re new to the remote-work game, like the millions of people that are asked to #Stayhome in the hopes of flattening the COVID-19 curve, there’s a few tried and true tips you should follow to enhance your experience and prevent #zoomburnout ! These easy and affordable habits are designed to supercharge your makeshift home office to increase your productivity more than ever!

1. Rethink Golden Hour
Do you feel awake ready to start your day at 7am? As soon as you wake up, sit down with a feel-good beverage to perk you up and get a to-do-list ready for the day. Starting off with the hardest action item… “Do your toughest task first” says Time Pychyl, PhD an associate psychology professor at Carleton University in Canada and co-editor of Procrastination, Health and Well-Being. This might be getting a work-out in… Since you don’t have to worry about the hassle of a morning commute to work, working from home can actually be more productive if you take advantage of the new found time!

2. Dress for Success!
We’ve all heard the saying: People tend to feel more powerful, confident and creative getting dressed in formal clothing according to the Social Psychological and Personality Science study. Now, formal at home doesn’t mean your best suit or suit dress to sit in your kitchen in front of your laptop all day. Dress for success at home means changing out of your PJ’S into an outfit you like and get ready (maybe some #makeup and #hair to get through your day confidently no matter how busy it might be, looking fresh!

3. Let There Be Light
If you have the luxury of working on a patio or poolside outside at your home or even near a window, take advantage of this! It has been proven that people exposed to daylight have a better nights sleep and move more – both of which can not just increase your mood making you happier but more efficient (as if happiness wasn’t a good enough reason!). In comparison to being stuck without any sunlight and becoming a sad soul as stated by a Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine study. So…. Shine on my friend! 

4. Take Micro Breaks
Taking small breaks is so important throughout the day and definitely does not reduce productivity. In fact, it makes you more productive when you return to your work! Taking a few minutes to do a 5 minute kitchen clean-up or even taking the dog for a walk for 15 minutes will re-set your attention span and clear up brain blockage you may be experiencing. No-screen short breaks can actually help increase your focus, according to research done by the journal Cognition. Remember, the best micro or macro breaks are the ones that consist of moving your body. So get up and take a break!