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Say NO to Ultrasound and YES to Hands-On Therapy!

Myth: Ultrasound and electrical therapy treatments will help with my back pain

Ultrasound and electrical therapies are common practice amongst physiotherapists. These are passive therapies that provide zero value to the patient and simply don’t work. There is no short or long-term benefit to have a TENS machine vibrate your muscles. This may help with symptoms but doesn’t treat the cause….Sorry Dr. Ho…

Quality physiotherapy is purposeful and hands-on. It involves educating the patient on movements and exercise that will improve their mobility and joint alignment and in turn reduce their pain.

The therapists at MECH physiotherapy provide hands-on treatment and address the root of the problem. The exercises we prescribe provide immediate relief of pain in most cases and empower the patient to help themselves get better. Stay away from ultrasound and electrotherapy and hire a physiotherapist that uses hands-on techniques.