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A Common Myth of Low Back Pain

Myth: If I get back pain once and it goes away, I shouldn’t be worried about it anymore, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Many studies have shown that 50% of people who suffer low back pain once will experience more bouts of pain in the future. Remember, the biggest predictor of back pain is previous back pain. With chronic low back pain, the ligament and discs of the spine have been weakened in some areas, making them more vulnerable to repetitive strain. It’s like a cut on your skin that hasn’t healed yet and can split open easily with certain movements. Studies show that re-occurring back pain also tends to be worse and more intense.

But don’t let this discourage you if you have a sore back! It doesn’t have to ruin your life. The McKenzie Method provides the BEST home exercises for short and long term pain relief. Flexibility and core exercises will also keep your spine healthy and will prevent future episodes.

Learn more about the Mackenzie Method here: No surgery, no needles, no manipulations – The Mckenzie Method