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The Power of Virtual Physiotherapy: Don’t Miss Out!

These days, many companies are offering Virtual experiences. During this 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, this is the best and in some cases the only way to get urgent help for your physical health problems. This includes Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy! Don’t let this pandemic keep you in pain when you are trying to survive and keep your spirits up!

A busy mom now working from home and home schooling children suffering from lower back pain and inflammation.
Virtual Therapy can dramatically improve:
Severe Acute Lower back pain with radiating leg pain.
Severe Acute Neck pain with radiating arm pain
Sudden or gradual onset of leg or arm numbness/tingling
Sudden negative change in status of lower back or neck pain 

Sudden or gradually worsening headaches and facial pain 
Severe shoulder pain with severe loss of mobility (unable to reach out or overhead)
Early post-operative care (Total hip or knee replacement, spinal surgery,
Acute Sports injury (ACL tear, meniscal tear, severe strain, unable to bear weight)
Concussion Rehabilitation