Behavioural changes and forming healthy daily habits is at the core of a successful wellness program for your people!
MechPhysio offers the long-term solution to manage and prevent chronic lower back, neck and shoulder tension caused by prolonged sitting and physical inactivity. Our major emphasis is education on prevention strategies and self-care techniques that work every time. Implementing our program will inspire employees to practice healthier daily habits inside (and outside) of work. The result: Injury Prevention culture at the grass roots.

Does your team have SPINE the to Succeed?

Emerging out of the pandemic there’s been a major increase in chronic & severe mechanical lower back and neck pain. Chronic lower back and neck pain is experienced by 90% of every workforce and negatively impacting employee quality of life and productivity at work. Ignoring these issues will ultimately lead to unhappy, unfulfilled employees that lack engagement and productivity at work.

Who has the advantage?

Employee A

Sitting in a Herman Miller Chair, no or incorrect knowledge of
self-care strategies for low back pain.



Employee B

Sitting in regular office chair with knowledge of prevention &
self-care strategies for low back pain.



Bring MechPhysio's Injury Prevention Programs to your Organization!

Our Clients

MechPhysio’s Corporate Wellness Program reflects our high rate of success in clinical practice with the following two options for your organization:

Spinal Wellness Presentation:

This presentation has a proven track record to make Employees ‘think like a physio’ in their daily work habits. The self-care strategies learned result in an positive lifestyle change promoting better posture and movement, ultimately helping employees avoid injury and strain at work and play.

Pop-Up Clinic:

MechPhysio comes to your organization for the day! Our treatment approach provides immediate relief of pain and tension in just one session! Post-treatment, employees will return to their workstation feeling rejuvenated, energized and motivated.

spinal wellness speaker presentation

Designed for groups of up to 60 people, up to 2 groups per day.

Virtual and in-person options available

Revealing the secrets of self treatment & prevention strategies for mechanical lower back & neck pain in the office workforce

About the Presentation

1 Hour interactive talk presented by physiotherapist, Mariana Paz.

Education on the True Cause of chronic body tension and pain experienced by the Office workforce

Education on Why Back/Neck pain ‘comes and goes’ and How to Recognize the signs that it won't go away on its own

Specific recommendations on 'How to Apply' Prevention Strategies, leaving no doubt in the employees’ mind on how to manage existing and future strains.

The benefits to the employee

Learn Simple and Effective Self-Care Techniques to immediately relieve body pain and tension at work.

Improve and Maintain employees’ postural awareness and alignment to mitigate Low back and neck symptoms from starting.

Avoid Physical and Mental Burnout from Long Work Hours.

Avoid Aging with a Permanent Forward Head Posture.

Become Self-Aware of Bad Postural Habits and easily correct them


On-site clinic for convenient, timely evaluations & body tune-ups for your team.

Pop-up clinics can be run on a biweekly or monthly basis.

How it Works

15, 30 & 45 minute sessions available for convenience and schedule flexibility

Pre-booking available through mechPhysio’s online booking platform

Direct billing for physiotherapy services

Ergonomic ‘Quick Fixes’ for Workstation, Lifestyle Habits and Gym routines.

All therapy sessions include MechPhysio’s signature approach of Mechanical diagnosis and therapy, Myofascial stretching, Hands-on Joint mobility and Corrective Exercises.

The benefits to the employee

Receive expert advice on a new or recent MSK issue and immediately start the healing process!

Avoid Burnout from Long Work Hours by including a wellness element during working hours. It's like hitting the reset button on the employees mind and body.

Avoid lengthy doctors visits, unnecessary surgery and injections for problems that are mechanical in nature (caused by improper body mechanics and poor posture).

Boost employee morale and motivation for remote workers - ensuring they feel ‘cared for’ by their employer.

Avoid time off and productivity loss due to debilitating lower back spasms, neck pain or sport sprains and strains.

Interested in convenient tension-relief for your team?