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Don’t’ let your benefits go to waste

And here’s why…

  1. You pay into them!
  2. If you feel guilty about being inactive during the year, this is your chance to get active
  3. If you feel your body is stiffening up – common things like neck, back and shoulders and knees, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  4. a Massage by a Registered Massage Therapist can help ease mental and physical tension from the holiday and end of year season. Read about how Massage can affect your mood
  5. Depending on how much room you have left in your benefits you have a few options:

  • Not much left: Get one last, full body tune-up! The therapist will do a once-over on your major joints. It’ll be like your annual physical check-up like at the doctors, but from the physio which knows A LOT of how your physical body moves, unlike the docs.
  • ~$300 left: deal with an existing injury in 3 or 4 physio sessions. Learn about stretches you should avoid and which ones to do. Get some manual therapy to release tension instead of just stretching on your own
  • Untouched benefits (500-1000$): this is your lucky day! You can: Fix an existing injury, receive a comprehensive stretching AND strengthening plan adapted to your body and goals. Learn how to keep your whole spine healthy and best core exercises for YOU!

Use your benefits to keep yourself moving and feeling healthy, mentally and physically